With 280 Hectares of beautiful chalk cliffs the Severn Sisters is a wonderful place to visit. The Cliffs are made up from chalk that was formed under the sea millions of years ago, making the amazing views we have today.

On top of the cliffs sits a country park that is a great starting point to head off and explore, with a car park, toilets and bike hire available. There is even a great place for refreshments in the Saltmarsh café, where you can have a chance to sit back and take in the superb scenery.

If you want to get out and maybe do a bit of bird watching the Severn Sisters is a great place to spot the wading birds along the beach maybe even herons or little egrets, you can even get a bird list from the visitor centre so you know what to be looking for or perhaps you want to take time to see the flora and fauna of the marsh lands, watch the butterflies flying around you whilst you take in all the sights.

Of course there is the option to wander and explore the area of your own accord but you could also try out one of the set out routes like the Park Trail, expected to take around hour and half in a circular route, up and down through the valley it is around 3 miles long, or you could try out the beach trail which is around 1 hour there and back, signposted from the main park it takes you along a concrete track and down a sharp incline to the beach from here you can check out the rock pools, hiding things like crabs and sea anemones.

Whatever your reason for visiting the Severn Sisters make sure you take it all in, enjoy the sights, the sounds, the peace and tranquility but above all else be safe and stay away from the cliff edges!!

Happy Adventuring !!

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