Why is the South Downs so good for horse riding fun?

Horse riding is a much-loved activity around the UK. Whether it is people hopping on to try it for the first time or dedicated riders heading out for a hack across the countryside, it is an activity which remains popular. If you fancy trying horse riding out or love it already, the marvellous South Downs is a great place to visit. But why is this?

Range of horse riding schools

This is a real attraction for those who want to enjoy some horse riding fun while visiting the South Downs. After all, you might take a trip to this area just to experience being in the saddle or decide to treat children to a riding lesson when on holiday. The great news is that the South Downs is home to a good choice of riding schools who all offer expert teaching, great value for money and take safety very seriously. Even if you just want a gentle trot up a country lane, the riding schools here can make it happen.

Selection of stables

Of course, the superb landscape and good ground in the South Downs is appealing to dedicated riders as well. The range of stables here is very good and ideal for your horse to rest in after a long ride. Some places even have fields for them to use if you plan to travel to the South Downs over Summer. The accommodation for humans to enjoy is also excellent which makes it a real win-win.

South Downs National Park rides

Of course, it is the riding itself which makes this area so attractive to anyone who enjoys being in the saddle. The whole National Park is a thing of beauty in itself with 1200km of bridleways to check out. Many people will go for the South Downs Way which stretches 160km from Winchester to Eastbourne. With water troughs along the way for thirsty animals and some lovely scenery to enjoy, it is a real treat.

Horse riding in South Downs

Riding in South Downs bridleways and paths is something you will never forget. The combination of beautiful wildlife and stunning landscapes along with the variety of paths to follow means it is a fabulous experience. For more information on riding in the South Downs or what else to check out whilst here, browse the rest of  visitsouthdowns.com

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