Where to stay in the South Downs

With well over 300 accommodation providers within the South Downs listed on Visit South Downs we are confident that we can help you find a place to stay. We have accommodation details for all your needs ranging from grand hotels, intimate B&Bs through to campsites and youth hostels for the budget traveller.

Green Tourism Business Scheme

Green Tourism Business Scheme

The Green Tourism Business Scheme (GTBS) is an accreditation scheme for tourism and tourism related business awarded for environmental good practice. It is increasingly recognised as the most appropriate UK scheme for the green accreditation of tourism businesses.

As a reward for taking care of the environment businesses who acheive GTBS accreditation are given priority position in our tourism business listings.

South Downs Sustainable Tourism Network

We are committed to help develop sustainable tourism in the South Downs. Here at Visit South Downs we are home to the South Downs Sustainable Tourism Network. The network contains helpful information, discussion forums and the ability to network with others through the members directory.

The Sustainable Tourism Network currently has 28 GTBS accredited businesses – 12 Golds, 8 Silvers, 6 Bronzes, 1 Going Green and 1 awaiting accreditation.