This seaside destination has long been the place to go if you’re in need of a fun break. For those of you who are planning a trip to this vibrant city and wish to do something out of the ordinary, there are many unique things to experience. Take a look below at some of the weird and unusual things to do in Brighton.

Ghost Walk of The Lanes

Ghost Walk of The Lanes is the best way to view the Lanes quarter. You’ll hear tales of frightening ghosts, gruesome murders, boisterous poltergeists and more than one Jack the Ripper reference. The walk is led by an actor and master storyteller who is clothed in Victorian attire, so you really feel as though you are going back in time. The tour consists of eight haunted sites throughout the Lanes and lasts for around 70 minutes. A couple of key spots are the Black Lion Brewery and Brighton Old Town Hall.

Upside Down House

This Upside Down House was the first-ever inverted experience in Britain and gives you the opportunity to explore a completely inverted home. From walking on the ceiling to doing a headstand in the toilet, there are plenty of opportunities to capture some truly remarkable moments here. What’s more, the staff are known for their approachability and offer some great ideas for taking the most original photographs possible.

The Old Police Cells Museum

The Old Police Cells can be found in the basement of Brighton Town Hall and are now an eerie museum, where they have been out of use for almost a century. Guided tours are available, where you’ll learn of the city’s criminal past through the eyes of police officers and local historians. A highlight of this tour is the story of Chief Constable Henry Solomon, who was killed in one of the cells during 1844 and whose tale gives shivers to visitors, even to this very day.

Our website has an abundance of information on Brighton, from restaurant suggestions to more unique places to visit, so take a look today.

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