Top 3 ancient sites to see in Arundel

An enchanting market town that is steeped in history, Arundel is the place to go to for a history fix. There are many Georgian houses dotted throughout the town and art galleries can be found in abundance, a real treat for those who love art. If you wish to take a break from history and want to be surrounded by nature, Arundel is located on the edge of the South Downs National Park and only a few miles from the coast.

Bignor Roman Villa

In 1811, a farmer struck upon this Roman villa while ploughing in a field and within three years it became a visitor attraction. The site is still in the ownership of the farmer’s family, with some of the appeal coming from the Georgian houses which have been built over the site. Inside the villa, you can see some of the grandest Roman mosaics found in the UK, for both their craftsmanship and preservation. A few works show Medusa’s severed head and Ganymede being kidnapped by Zeus disguised as an eagle.

St Nicholas’ Church/Fitzalan Chapel

Situated in Arundel Castle’s grounds is St Nicholas’ Church, an unusual perpendicular church that has separate areas for Anglicans and Catholics. Formerly it was the Fitzalan Chapel, constructed in 1380 by Richard Fitzalan, the 11th Earl of Arundel. During the Civil War, it was damaged and fell into disrepair and in the century that followed, the west side of the building became a place of Anglican worship while the chapel was repaired in the 1830s. Some of the standout features are a Spanish crucifix and many tomb chests in the Fitzalan Chapel.

Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle has been in the Howard family since the 11th century and is one of England’s longest-occupied country houses. Having been damaged in the Civil War, it was completely rebuilt from the 1870s to 1890s and has gone on to become one of Victorian England’s most celebrated Gothic Revival monuments. The castle features exceptional art from van Dyke, Canaletto and Mijtens.

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