Things to see and do around Petersfield

The South Downs is such a great place to visit for many reasons. Alongside the relaxing feel, stunning South Downs Way and amazing landscapes, the number of charming places to call in on is a big draw. One of the most popular locations is the historic market town of Petersfield. Found to the East of Winchester, it is easy to access when staying in the South Downs area and has lots to recommend it.

But what are the best things to see and do there?

Visit the Church of St Peter

Simply walking around Petersfield can bring its own rewards with the charming square to sit on and the local museum (situated in the towns Court building) to visit. For many though, it is the impressive Church of St Peter, which is the best sight in Petersfield. This church was built in 1120, and it retains many of the original features from its construction. Whether you wander inside or simply take in its majesty from outside, it is worth a look.

Queen Elizabeth County Park

Queen Elizabeth Country Park is located close to Petersfield and is definitely worth a look. This is known as one of the most beautiful parks in the whole of the South Downs and offers great views of the surrounding area. It is also home to a variety of habitats, flowers, plants and wildlife. This park also has plenty to do! From bridleways to biking trails and walking routes, it is worth checking out when visiting Petersfield itself.

Petersfield Physic Garden

If you want to get away from daily life while in Petersfield, the town’s Physic Garden is for you. This tranquil oasis is home to many fragrant English herbs and plants. It also packs a small orchard into its space. This really is a feast for the senses and a great way to relax after a busy day or long walk. It is kept very well maintained by a hardworking team of local volunteers.

Plenty to see in this part of the South Downs

One of the best things about coming to visit the South Downs is exploring historical places like Petersfield. As you can see, there is lots to take in and do while you’re there. For more information on what this and other towns in the South Downs offer, check out the rest of our site today.

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