The top historical attractions to visit in Chichester

Located in West-Sussex, Chichester has an abundance of historical attractions and stunning architecture due to its rich and colourful history. While the art galleries, theatre and shops are all worth a visit, the historical spots listed down below make the city what it is today and shouldn’t be missed.

The Chichester Cross

It’s not that hard to miss the Chichester Cross – an eight-sided structure which was built from Caen stone and can be found as you’re walking through the city centre. At first, it was constructed to allow peasants to trade without having to pay a fee if they stood under it but by 1808 the population had grown so much that the Butter Market was built. The cross was almost destroyed but the locals put up a valiant fight and we’re glad they did so as it’s a beautiful monument. In 1950 it was listed as a grade 1 building and while there is no market there any more, fruit and veg stalls still surround the cross.

Fishbourne Roman Palace and Gardens

Fishbourne Roman Palace and Gardens is a treat for history lovers as not only is this the largest residential Roman building found in Britain with an unusual construction date of 75 AD, it also has a large and very impressive mosaic collection. About a quarter of the original mosaics can still be seen which is impressive when you consider how long they’ve been there. A reconstructed garden is enclosed within the museum to show what it would have looked like with plants from the period being used. As well as mosaics, there are masonry ruins which you can enjoy with a guided-tour and a cafe if you get a little peckish.

Chichester Cathedral

It would be stupid not to talk about the magnificent Chichester Cathedral which is the centrepiece of the city. There are guided tours available, where you can learn about the cathedral’s history and the many sculptures and pieces of art that adorn the walls. There are various murals and stained-glass windows to watch out for, most notably the South Transept and the North Transept.

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