Take a magical tour of the South Downs locations used in the Harry Potter movies

Beachy Head

Grab your broomstick and wave your magic wand for a wizarding trip around the South Downs locations used in the Harry Potter films.

Warner Brothers brought Harry, Hermione, Ron and their deadly enemies to the South Downs during the filming of the J.K Rowling masterpieces. Here are some of the magical places that Muggles can visit in the National Park.

The Quidditch World Cup at Beachy Head

The Seven Sisters cliffs and Beachy Head were used as a spectacular backdrop for the Quidditch World Cup scenes in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Harry and co. are transported to the top of the cliffs via a port-key.

The scenes were shot with a mixture of helicopter footage and CGI. The red-and-white striped Belle Tout lighthouse located in the English Channel below Beachy Head can be seen in some of the scenes.

The Hogwarts Express at the Mid Hants Railway Watercress Line

The Handyside footbridge at Ropley station was used in the very first Harry Potter film – The Philosopher’s Stone. The bridge, constructed in 1877, was removed from Kings Cross as part of its 2008 refurbishment and relocated to the station. It was the scene for the iconic moment when Hagrid gives Harry his very first ticket for the Hogwarts Express. 

The railway hosts regular Harry Potter-themed events and the bridge offers a popular photo opportunity for fans of the bookies and movies.

Harry Potter’s boat at the Black Rabbit in Arundel

Situated on the banks of the River Arun, the Black Rabbit is a quintessentially traditional English country pub. Beneath the oak beams and alongside the roaring log fires, the boat used in the Philosopher’s Stone to transport the new students to Hogwarts for the very first time takes pride of place.

The Black Rabbit’s head chef, David Poole, worked preparing food for the banquet scene at Hogwarts Great Hall on the set of the first Harry Potter film as well as serving up meals for the crew and cast.

Oliver’s wizarding shop – Brighton

After you’ve taken in some of the Harry Potter locations, and relived scenes from the movies, why not take a look around Oliver’s, Brighton’s magical answer to Diagon Alley. A team of witches and wizards are on hand selling everything to meet your wizarding needs.

Other South Downs cameo appearances in the movies.

Two of the buildings at Winchester College were used in the Harry Potter films and the picturesque downland at Seaford served as backdrops for the Goblet of Fire.

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