South Downs Facts

Does the place fascinate you? Make you want to know more about the how, the why, the when? It does me, never have I witnessed a place with so many variations to the landscape, from grasslands and marsh lands to beautiful wooded areas, to looking out to sea from the beach. Tiny little villages to busy little towns. Ever changing with every season!!

          I thought it might be quite nice to put together a little facts sheet to help make sense of this wonderful place, it might just be enough to trigger you into wanting to find out more for yourself and go off and explore the South Downs.

What are the South Downs?

They are a range of chalk hills that extend 260 square miles across south-East England

Why is it called the South Downs?

Downs are traditionally grass covered hills that are composed of chalk and as they are sitting in the South so it kind of came hand in hand.

How old are the Cliffs?

It has been worked out by some very clever geologists that the cliffs are in fact 75-90 Million years old!!

How old is the National Park?

The National Park is actually the newest park in England and actually only got its National Park status on 1st April 2011!!

How long is the South Downs Way?

The actual trail itself is 161 Km Long on average taking 8 or 9 days to walk it or 2 or 3 days to cycle, with lots of ups and downs its defiantly not the easiest of trails

How big is it?

The park itself covers around 1627 Square kilometres

Where does the trail take you? 

The trail itself takes you from Winchester right through to Beach Head in Eastbourne!!

Where will you find the highest Point?

The highest point in the South Downs national park is Blackdown at 280m above sea level where as the highest point on the cliffs is actually Butser Hill sitting 271m above sea level

What is the Population?

The Population within the National park sits around 110,000 People

What are the names of the Seven sisters?

From West to East – Haven Brow, Short Brow, Rough Brow, Brass Point, Flagstaff Point, Flat Hill, Baily’s Hill.

So, I hope those facts spark an interest in you and make you want to go out and explore. If you find any more interesting facts along the way drop me a message, I’d love to hear what you find out!!

Happy Adventuring!!


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