Petworth: The perfect South Downs getaway

The south downs national park is the perfect getaway destination year-round, boasting stunning scenery, delicious cuisine and rich culture around every corner. However, Petworth, a village located in Chichester, is one of the South Downs’s best-kept secrets. The cobbled streets are lined with adventure and history, ensuring that a visit to Petworth means fun for the whole family.

Things to do in Petworth

1)Take to the skies.

There’s no better way to take in the views of the South Downs than from the sky and, with British Balloon flights (located just outside of Petworth), you can do just that. They offer a range of hot air balloon experiences that allow you to catch a birds-eye glimpse of everything the South Downs has to offer. A trip during sunrise/sunset is sure to leave a lasting memory.

2) Visit Petworth House

Discover more about the history of the South Downs when visiting the historic Petworth House. Built in the early 17th century, the house has a long and well-documented history, and as you wander its halls, you will hear the stories of those who once lived within it. Even better, Petworth House is known for its extensive art collection – paintings, sketches and drawings which have lined the walls since the 1800s.

After exploring the house, head into the neighbouring park and gardens for a chance of coming face to face with some friendly deer. Over 700 fallow deer call the stunning 700-acre parkland home!

3) Indulge in some delicious food

Petworth is home to a range of delicious eateries, but a visit to Petworth is incomplete without an indulgent visit to Tiffins Tearoom. Renowned throughout the town for their delicious, home-made cakes and treats, why not pop by to satisfy your sweet tooth? The family-owned tearoom also offers delicious coffees and savoury snacks, meaning there is truly something for everyone to enjoy in this quirky, friendly eatery.

In short, although Petworth is a small town, it has a lot to offer. From relaxing South Downs walks, historic landmarks and once in a lifetime opportunities in the skies. However, you choose to experience Petworth, you are sure to have a good time.

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