Must-visit attractions in the South Downs – and they’re free!

The South Downs is full of hidden countryside gems and stunning views, from the rolling hills to quaint market towns. It is the ideal place for families who want a quieter day out than what a seaside resort would offer. The South Downs National Park includes the famous chalk cliffs of the South Downs and also the South Downs Way, a one hundred mile trail that travels the entire length of the park. Below are some must-visit attractions in the South Downs, and even better – they’re free!

Enjoy the views at Black Down

Black Down is the highest point within the South Downs National Park and is a panorama of pine trees, beautiful purple heather and wavy hair grass. Looked after by the National Trust, an old woodland, meadows and copses can be found on the sides of Black Down, with trails making it a great walking spot at any time of the year. To enjoy a circular walk that gives you impressive views of the park, you can follow a popular track from the main car park.

Get your history fix at the Trundle

One of the most popular landmarks inside the South Downs, the Trundle, is an Iron Age fort and a great visit for those who love history. Paths enable walkers to explore the site and enjoy panoramic views across the English countryside and beyond, all the way to the Channel. If you fancy walking a little further afield, then you’ll love a downhill walk from the Trundle to the village of West Dean, the home of West Dean House.

Visit the Seven Sisters Country Park

A visit to the South Downs wouldn’t be complete without exploring the Seven Sisters Country park. Made up of a meandering river valley, hectares of chalk cliffs and a chalky grassland, it is popular for those who love outdoor activities. If you’re not feeling that energetic, Saltmarsh House is a good place to relax and take in your surroundings.

There are plenty of attractions to experience in the South Downs (and best of all they’re free!) Make sure to visit our website for more information.

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