So, we all know the importance of upping our game when it comes to the environment but how can that be done when looking at travelling and visiting places. Well in the South Downs there are some really great options to help you to enjoy the wonderful area but still feel like your being aware and doing your bit.

For starters our public transport is great and means you could even leave your car at home and make the whole journey by train, bus or coach. The fact that the South Downs sits just an hour or 2 from London depending on the area you heading for, means it so easy to jump on a train from Waterloo or Victoria to one of the many train stations within the South Downs including Midhurst, Lewes, Petersfield and Eastbourne. Once you’ve arrived you can hop on and off the train to head to the various spots you have planned. Your other, more cost effective option, would be to get a Discovery Ticket, which allows you to reach the whole area by bus. All you have to do is buy the ticket then hop on and off as you wish. For more see details of the Discovery Ticket.

A lot of people who come here want to really explore and head out for adventures so rather than use transport to get around at all, why not bring along your bike (check with train company first if traveling in by train, bikes aren’t usually accepted on peak services and have other limitations) or you could even look into hiring a bike here is a few options for you of companies that hire out bikes for all ages

Now we’ve discussed some options on getting to and around the South Downs in the Eco-friendliest way so what now? We need some where to stay of course. The obvious answer would be camping, but Camping doesn’t just have to be a tent in a field, obviously if this is your preferred choice then amazing but in the South Downs, we have plenty of spots for a bit of Glamping, maybe a Lodge or a Shepherds hut takes your fancy? Whatever your choice there is options to do it completely off grid, they use solar panels, have outdoor kitchens run off wood and coal. How amazing is it that we can now chose to have a bit of luxury and a proper bed and be doing it in an eco-friendly way!

Finally, what can you do as a visitor to ensure your trip is enjoyable for you and the environment around you? As the South Downs has a huge amount of conservation areas which are full of wildlife and livestock you should stick to the designated right of ways this will also keep you safe from the naturally eroding cliffs. If you have brought your four-legged friend(s) with you then ensure they are under control or on lead as there is not only young livestock around but also ground-nesting birds which you may not see until after your dog has.

The South Downs is a place of beauty and tranquillity and there are lots of things that have been put in place to ensure it stays this way. So please when visiting the South Downs take a moment to think what you can do to help, to make sure it has a long life of beauty left in it – Buy Local, Recycle, Reuse, Support.

Happy Adventuring!

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