Once England’s capital city, Winchester is one of the jewels of the south. If you love literature and discovering glorious locations which are rich in history, then you won’t want to miss out on visiting wonderful Winchester. Many of England’s most well known and celebrated writers have been moved by the beauty of the landscape. Here are just some of the things you’ll discover when exploring Winchester’s dazzling literary past. Will you be moved to pick up a pen yourself?

Walk in Keats’ Footsteps

John Keats’ famous poem ‘To Autumn’ was written while he stayed in Winchester during September 1819. Inspired by his strolls through Cathedral Close and the St. Cross fields, why not take Keats’ self-guided walk yourself? Following in his footsteps, maybe you’ll find yourself inspired to think up an ode of your own.

Visit Austen’s House

Just 17 miles from Winchester lies Chawton and the house where Jane Austen lived from 1809 to 1817. She wrote many of her most popular novels here, and it contains much beautiful memorabilia and information on her life, with staff on hand to answer any questions. It’s an essential spot for any Austen fan to visit!

View the Winchester Bible

A real 12th-century bible awaits at Winchester Cathedral. Still vibrantly coloured and beautifully written in painstaking Latin, you won’t want to miss out on seeing this stunning and unique treasure. And you can take a look around the incredible cathedral too, finding more stories as you go.

Legends come alive (almost)

If myths and legends are more your speed, don’t forget to stop by the Great Hall. An incredible example of a thirteenth-century aisled hall, you will get to see King Arthur’s Round Table, hanging proudly on the wall. This iconic symbol of Arthurian triumph is a truly amazing sight. While you’re there, you can also see the remains of Winchester Castle, built by William the Conqueror. It’s the perfect combination of legend and history.

So indulge your literary ambitions and visit some incredible beauty spots in wonderful Winchester and its surroundings. Just don’t forget your pen and paper in case inspiration strikes.

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