A trip to South Downs Way: what’s in it for me?

2020 has been the year of staycations. Thousands of would-be holiday goers have joined the ranks of British holiday veterans in order to pay a visit to one or several of the United Kingdom’s hidden gems all across the country.

South Downs, within East Sussex, is no exception either. Known for the bright, bold and beautiful Brighton, as well as colourful coastal towns and the stunning South Downs National park, this cultural county is a must for sightseers everywhere.

However, beneath the surface, there is a lot more to this stunning part of England. Prized by locals The National Trust and past visitors alike, these additional stops boast some iconic British landscapes and scenic hotspots:

Cuckmere Valley

This haven for wild fowl is a perfect place to stroll, hike, or go for a wander. This valley offers dramatic views of the Birling Gap and Seven Sisters and is also the site for famous WWII artefacts at places such as Chyngton Farm.

Devil’s Dyke

Recorded as the longest, widest and deepest dry valley in the UK, the legend goes that the Devil dug this chasm to drown local parishioners. Today, it is simply a beautiful nature, carpeted with wildflowers and buzzing with extremely diverse wildlife.

Monk’s House

A noted pilgrimage for avid readers and writers, the rustic cottage of famed novelist Virginia Woolf offers a unique insight into their life, as well as the fascinating era of the 1920s, through to the 1960s.

Ditchling Beacon

Between Ditchling Beacon and Black Down hill, these are the highest points in all of Sussex. However, as a site for primarily spotting invasion forces many years ago, the Ditchling summit stands out to us in particular, offering 360-degree views of East Sussex in a flash. At 248 metres above sea level, the views aren’t half bad either.

Sheffield Park and Garden

Once a deer park, a WWII camp and now a gardener’s masterpiece, crafted and cultured over hundreds of years of landscaping design and influence. The famous estate consists of four lakes with paths intertwining through them and a menagerie of woodland areas.

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