3 of the most amazing cycle routes in the South Downs

The South Downs National Park is a truly gorgeous part of the country and has so much to offer visitors. From gentle walks through its lush countryside to the beautiful wildlife and flowers on show, it really is a great place to spend time. One other feature which makes it very popular is the number of exciting cycle routes the South Downs has.

But which are the top 3 to check out?

Meon Valley Trail

This route is ideal for younger riders or families who want a leisurely meander through the South Downs landscape. It is also one of the shorter cycle routes on offer as it stretches just 10 miles. Although it may sound a long way for casual riders still, you can always take regular breaks and enjoy quaint villages like Exton. The route traces the path of an old railway line and takes you past Droxford Station, which is famous for being the place where Winston Churchill drew up plans for D-Day!

Shipwright’s Way

This is a lovely but slightly longer route which is best for more experienced cyclists and older children. It stretches 50 miles but you could, of course, choose to cycle only part of it if you like. The path starts in the mesmerising Alice Holt Forest and sees you end up in the Dockyard in Portsmouth. Although a lot of this route is off-road terrain, it is mostly level and pretty easy to navigate. This route includes 20 stone sculptures to note and a selection of places like Liss and Borden to enjoy as you go.

South Downs Way

If you like more of a challenge when cycling, why not try out the fabulous South Downs Way? It actually stretches for 99 miles between Winchester and Eastbourne. Many cyclists will make a short holiday of completing the whole route and stop off at the many hotels and campsites it boasts. A lot of this route does go over grassy, hilly or rocky ground though so it is not for everyone. With views from Devils Dyke and charming places like Lewes to see as you go, it is worth the effort though.

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