3 exhilarating experiences for thrill seekers visiting the South Downs

The South Downs isn’t just for people who like relaxing country walks and eating ice-cream by the sea (although that also sounds pretty good to us). There’s are also plenty of eye-popping activities on offer in and around the UK’s newest national park. Here’s our pick of the 3 best experiences.

1. Try your hand at hang gliding for a stunning bird’s eye view

The South Downs national park is the perfect location for hang gliders. Views of the rolling hills, ancient forests and the breath-taking coast are a whole new level (quite literally) when seen from above.

There are plenty of options for both expert and beginner gliders. Pros can join in with the many hang-gliding clubs in the region and soar above Devil’s Dyke which is renowned as one of the best spots in Europe to take to the skies. And for beginners, Airsports Sussex is just one of the numerous schools that offer lessons to get you airborne.

2. Have a treetop adventure in Alice Forest

Alice Holt Forest is the beautiful northern gateway to our national park. It offers many outdoor activities for adventure lovers such as horse riding, cycling and miles worth of walking trails. But there’s one activity that’s sure to stand out to adrenaline junkies.

Go Ape offers you the chance to clamber amongst the trees and see the forest like never before. You’ll clamber and swing across high-rise platforms, rope bridges and Tarzan swings all set up to 40 feet off the ground. But the highlight has got to be the zip-lines that speed you through the trees with breathtaking views all around.

There are two courses available. The Challenge course for adults and older children where you’ll be climbing and wobbling way about the forest floor or the Adventure route with is more suited to younger children who still want to get in on the action.

3. Have a high-speed adventure out on the water

The coast in and around Brighten is a haven for watersport fanatics. Brighton Watersports is just one company that offers a whole host of activities such as wakeboarding, paddle boarding and kayaking.

And those that want to really get their heart racing can try the Ringo (an inflatable donut towed by a speedboat at breakneck speed!)

And after all that, you might just want that relaxing ice cream by the sea.

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