4 places to visit in Arundel

Arundel is a small market town in West Sussex, nestled beneath the South Downs. Approaching by train you can see the cathedral and castle in the distance, towering over everything else in the town. Surrounded by hills and fields, from a distance it appears to be a medieval town that time forgot. It is a lovely town to visit filled with pubs and cafes. Here are four things to do while you visit.

1. Arundel Castle

The castle was constructed in 1067 as the home of the Duke of Norfolk and it still belongs to the Duke’s descendant to this day. After sustaining damage during the English Civil war, the castle was restored in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Castle and its gardens are extensive and provide a satisfying experience for visitors. The castle contains a large collection of artwork and many suits of armour that really allow visitors to get a feel for its history.

2. Arundel Cathedral

Built in the late 1800s, the cathedral is one of the finest examples of Gothic revival architecture in the country. The nave of the cathedral, with its high arching roof, provides an awe-inspiring atmosphere. To allow light to enter, the nave has no stained glass windows, though there are many within the cathedral, beautifully designed and depicting stories from the bible.

3. Wetland Centre

The Wetland Centre is the perfect day out for wildlife enthusiasts. It provides you with the chance to see exotic geese, diving ducks, herons and kingfishers. There is a playground making it great for family days out. It also offers a boat safari, which gives you the chance to see even more amazing wildlife

4. Hawking About

This attraction provides displays and experience days with a variety of birds of prey, such as hawks, owls, and falcons. Displays give you a chance to watch these magnificent animals in action, as they put on a medieval style entertainment show. You can also book private experiences where you will have the chance to fly some of the birds yourself and to walk along with them in the stunning countryside setting.


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