3 reasons to go to Seven Sisters Country Park

When visiting the UK, and in particular the beautiful county of Devon, you will be able to choose from a fantastic range of natural attractions to visit. But if you are going to put half a day aside for one of them – the Seven Sisters Country Park makes for a compelling option. In this blog, we look at why:

1. Selfie central!

Such is the beauty of the cliff top vistas which are offered by Seven Sisters Country Park, that you will have the opportunity to take a killer selfie. These chalk cliffs, which are actually the remains of an eroded valley, include headlands and peaks which make for an amazing view along the South Coast of the UK, with the odd lighthouse thrown in for good measure.

2. A wonderful walk

A walk along the cliffs at Seven Sisters Country Park should certainly be taken with caution; not only because of the terrifying drop, but also due to the fact it is a working farm, complete with moving machinery, grazing sheep and cattle grids. But all of that should not deter you from taking what could be one of the most memorable strolls of your life. There are footpaths and trails which can guide you across much of Seven Sisters Country Park, with designated viewpoints along the way.

3. Spot the birds!

There is a fantastic array of wildlife on display at Seven Sisters Country Park, and one of the most delightful elements is the number of birds you can spot throughout the 280-hectare site. You might see an unusual black-tailed godwit wading through the wetlands, or in the summer, there can be herons, little egrets, redshanks and Canada geese aplenty. Kittiwakes and fulmars are not scared of heights, as they make their homes in the cliffs! And there are also hovering kestrels and sparrowhawks. If all these different bird types are overwhelming, you can pick up a birds list from the Visitors Centre which will give you some guidance.

Don’t come to Devon, and the UK, without paying a visit to Seven Sisters Country Park!


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